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Kitchen Installation Reading


Finding a specialist interior design company to perform a bespoke kitchen installation in Reading can be a challenge, but at Lava Interiors, we’re here to help. Our dedicated team of design consultants create and then execute even the most detailed kitchen plans, helping to bring yours to life, just the way that you imagined. 

Kitchen Installation in Reading

Lava Interiors is an interior design company with a difference. While we carefully design and plan all our kitchens, we also install them too, allowing us to achieve an exceptional level of control over the final product. 

Our team of designers works alongside our installers to ensure that the plans are followed precisely. By doing installation in-house, we get the cost of the fit-out down as low as possible while at the same time, delivering far more effective project oversight. With our kitchen installation service in Reading, the final kitchen will faithfully represent the original design. 

Kitchen installation can be a disruptive process. At Lava Interiors, we find efficiencies where possible to reduce the amount of noise we create as well as the time that the installation takes. It doesn’t matter whether you want a new 100 square foot or 1,000 square foot kitchen, our installers have the experience and coordination to complete the work fast. 

Our Kitchen Installation Service In Reading

Once you’ve settled on the perfect design for your kitchen, the next thing is to get it fitted. With Lava Interiors, your installation can begin the moment that you decide on a final design. The great thing about our service is that we can move rapidly. There’s no need to contact third-party suppliers or negotiate rates with contractors. Nor do we need to spend time drawing up contracts or bringing in external specialists. When you choose Lava Interiors in Reading, you get all of the expertise that you need in-house. 

Our expert installers can fit a range of features and accessories in your kitchen. We install islands, countertops, new appliances, custom cabinetry, all the decor, lighting and anything else you can imagine. What’s more, we bring everything together into a cohesive whole, always ensuring that the design “makes sense” in the context of your home and the people you share it with. The resulting product is a quality kitchen that blends effortlessly with your lifestyle and is beautiful to look at. 

Get Kitchen Installation In Reading Today

Installing a new kitchen can improve your life dramatically. Not only does it make cooking a joy, but it can also add substantially to the value of your home. 

Bespoke kitchen installations from Lava Interiors give you the perfect combination of form and function, yielding a masterful space that will blow you away. With a fit-out from us, you’ll finally be able to use your kitchen in the way that you’ve always wanted, with all of your items ready to hand. 

Do you need kitchen installation in Reading? If so, then get in touch with our friendly design consultants today to discuss your next kitchen and how we can help. 

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