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Kitchen Designers Reading


If you’re looking for kitchen designers in Reading, then you’ve come to the right place. Lava Interiors is an established kitchen design company, offering design, supply and installation services. Our goal is to make your dreams come true, giving you an unparalleled kitchen experience. 

Kitchen Designers In Reading

Finding quality kitchen designers who listen to and understand your needs in Reading isn’t always easy. Often you have to make do with disinterested salespeople unconcerned with the needs of your family. 

Lava Interiors are different. We offer a bespoke kitchen design process that enables you to tailor-make your kitchen so that it meets your practicality requirements while complementing the decor in the rest of your home. 

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Our skilled, qualified and experienced design consultants sit down with you and discuss what you’d like to achieve in detail. The conversation can be as high-level or detailed as you want: with us, you’re in control. 

We then visit your home to get a better feel for your current setup and the type of design that would be most suitable. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small maisonette or a large country mansion; our design team will conjure up the perfect kitchen for your setting. 

The Incredible Benefits Of Bespoke Kitchens In Reading

Bespoke kitchens are different from regular kitchens. With a regular kitchen renovation, you don’t have control over the design, layout or features. Your only option is to accept the proposals you’re given.

A bespoke kitchen is an entirely different animal. You have the opportunity to set out in detail your precise needs and include additional features as embellishments. Throughout the entire process, you’re in control, and have expert designers from Lava Interiors by your side, guiding you through the process. 

The great thing about bespoke kitchens in Reading is that you get to play around with different designs and features. The number of innovations in the kitchen interior space is truly remarkable. Today you can get everything from integrated refrigerated drawers, wine, cellars, beautiful range cookers, and custom cabinetry. Going bespoke gives you a level of customisation you never thought was possible, letting you find solutions that cater directly to the needs of the people who live in your home. 

Choose Lava Interiors For Kitchen Designers In Reading Today

Lava Interiors are a group of dedicated kitchen design professionals, offering a comprehensive design and installation service. You’ll love the fact that we do everything in-house, creating designs and then marshalling the resources to make them a reality. 

We understand that you have a vision for your kitchen. Our designers are expert interpreters, able to take your general ideas and transform them into something that can eventually become a reality. You’ll get to see all your designs in full detail before work begins, and you’ll be able to make changes along the way to ensure that you get the finish that you want. 

Are you looking for kitchen designers in Reading? If so, then get in contact with our friendly team today to get a quote or arrange your design consultation. 

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