Top 5 essential furniture pieces you need for your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home! Did you know that according to a recent study, we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed? Sleep is directly linked with health, mood, productivity, energy levels and fitness. Therefore, it being a large part of our daily life, it is imperative to make the most of our bedroom environment. And what better way to start than with investing in the most essential furniture pieces that you need for your bedroom!

Number 1: Bed

The bed is the most important furniture piece and it is the focal point of your bedroom, that’s why, besides looking good, it should also be comfortable! Making the right choice when it comes to your bed is the key to making your bedroom look wonderful. Not too small, to avoid discomfort, not too big as it may crowd the room and take-up more space than required, but the perfect size for you to further enhance it and add quality bedding and other comfortable features.

Number 2: Bed-side table

Another important piece of essential furniture for your bedroom is the bed-side table. One of its great purposes is minimising the time that you get out of bed for various things such as reading glasses, phone, books, medication or a glass of water. With a lovely bed-side table, you can keep all your nightly essentials within reach.

Number 3: Wardrobe

A place to keep your clothes is really important! Whether you have a lot or just a few, this furniture piece helps you keep your clothing items well organised. With plenty of sizes and designs to choose from, it is essential to pick one that holds all of your items well and at the same time fits into your bedroom, perfectly.

Number 4: Dressing table

A dressing table can be multifunctional at times! Whether you’re using it to sit comfortably whilst applying your make-up or just as a desk or work surface, this piece of furniture is another essential item that your dream bedroom should include. Whilst its mirrors make a stylish addition to your bedroom, its drawers help you keep your items neat and organised.

Number 5: A couch or a chair

Need some relaxing space to do some last minute office work before bed? A chair or a couch could be just the perfect option! Another essential piece of furniture for your room, a chair or a couch is a great place to do some work before bed or just relax with a good book and a cup of tea.

These are the top 5 essential furniture pieces for your bedroom and if you need help in making the right choice when it comes to style or even size, you’ve come to the right place! Our experts, here at Lava Interiors provide high standard and professional interior design services to help you create the bedroom of your dreams! Call us now and we will be happy to discuss your requirements! You can find us in Reading and throughout Berkshire!



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