Top 3 timeless kitchen design styles

Whether you’re about to start designing your new kitchen or just refreshing the look of your existing one, you’ve started researching the internet for the latest kitchen trends and styles. And although you might feel a bit unsure on the type of design that you want, you’d like something that is always in-style, but what does really make a kitchen style, timeless? Ultimately, trends come and go and what might look good today, may not be the same tomorrow. That’s why we’ve done the work for you and put together top 3 kitchen design styles that stand the test of time.

The Farmhouse Style Kitchen

The Farmhouse Style Kitchen is beautiful and simple. Eternally in style, this countryside inspired kitchen, is rising in popularity as it reminds us of a simpler and stress-free time. A few tips on starting this amazing project and make this beautiful space feel chic would be to:

  • Create open-shelving – it keeps all of the kitchen essentials within easy reach and it gives an airy and exposed feel as opposed to heavy cabinets above the counters.

  • Keep it organic – wood surfaces like plywood shelving as well as deep marble farm sinks will help you create a natural feeling.

  • Modernise it – select a dark finish for your appliances and give it a chic and “chef-inspired” accent.

The Industrial Style Kitchen

The Industrial Style Kitchen is the perfect combination between unconventional and factory-inspired. A very creative option, this stunning kitchen is all about smooth wood, clean lines, dark colour steel as well as expressive colours. To create the perfect balance:

  • Keep the cabinets design simple – use neutral dark colours and create a clean and minimalist effect.

  • Use metallic hardware – one of the advantages of mixing in metals, is that the iron won’t easily show the wear and tear unlike other finishes.

  • Bring in the warmth – create a cosy atmosphere with a beautiful dining set with leather upholstery and rich woods on the countertops.

The French Country Style Kitchen

The French Country Style Kitchen is all about comfort, warmth and beauty. If you are a fan of this combination, then this amazing timeless kitchen style is the one for you. Enjoy intimate meals with family and create the perfect blend between cool and cosy:

  • Keep it authentic – just like the Farmhouse style, this lovely kitchen is all about charming antiques. So make sure you go big on century-old materials like reclaimed wood or stone work.

  • Use light colours – create a light and airy atmosphere with a blend of beige, white, cream and materials like aluminium or copper.

  • “Butcher block” countertops – with these you won’t have to worry about scratching or tearing your kitchen worksurface. With regular maintenance, these countertops will age gracefully.

Have you decided on one of the above timeless kitchen design styles? Call our experts at Lava Interiors, today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you create the perfect timeless kitchen style for your home!



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