How to choose the best kitchen Worktops?

Are you planning a kitchen remodel or simply looking to install a new one in your home? Whatever the case, one of the most important parts of your kitchen’s design, are definitely the Worktops. So whether you’re a fan of granite or quartz, here are a few tips on how to choose the best kitchen countertops for your new home project.

Countertops set the tone for your kitchen, so find materials and a design that are perfect for the way you’re planning to use your kitchen space and of course, that reflect your favourite style.

Although granite is the preferred kitchen countertop material for many homebuyers, quartz is slowly becoming more and more popular in high-end design. With its durable, stain-resistant and aesthetic-looking surface, it’s the perfect choice for many and their stylish, modern kitchens.

Kitchen Countertop Materials

Take a look at some important aspects of these workspace surfaces and how essential it is to make the right choice when it comes to your kitchen environment.


Available from grade 1 through 5, granite has been quite a popular material as the surface for countertops for the last several years. Depending on your budget, the patterns, colour and thickness may vary, however, there’s plenty of options to choose from, for every pocket.


This type of material is available in a wider range of colours compared to granite. When it comes to rates, these could be comparable but also more. Its nonporous surface makes quartz kitchen countertops resistant to stains and scratches. Well-known brands include Silestone, Cambria Quartz and Cesar Stone.


Yes, Porcelain slabs also make a good material for kitchen countertops and not only for your walls or floors. With a wide range of textures and colours available, options are limitless when it comes to Porcelain countertops, however, please keep in mind that this type of material is not as strong as other worktop surfaces. This means there can be limitations on how it can be used in a design. For example, having a breakfast bar overhang is not possible in this material

Acrylic and Corian

Just like Soapstone, these countertops provide a smooth feel and require regular maintenance with mineral oil applications, however they are not resistant to scratches or stains. But, you could easily sand these out, the question is, are you up for it?

Industrial strength surfaces, Stainless steel

This type of countertop material, provides a lovely finish in modern kitchens. It’s really easy to maintain and clean with warm, soapy water and

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it’s resistant to hot pans. However, it does dent and scratch so cutting on stainless is not really possible. It is a great idea to use it in certain areas of your kitchen, by the range or in your dining area.

Kitchen countertops truly dictate the design of your kitchen and they’re chosen at times, before the cabinets.

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