How bedroom colours affect your mood?

Does a blue decorated bedroom make you feel comfortable and calm? Do you feel nervous in a yellow room? What about red, do you feel energised?

Although the link between a colour and your mood could be difficult to understand, there is a scientific fact which proves that colours do affect our mood. Therefore, since colours affect how we think, act or feel, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to decorating any room of your house and especially your bedroom.

Just feeling a little blue today”… but are the colours really a sign of our mood or attitude?

To help you find the bedroom colours that are best suitable for your objective as well as personality, let’s dive a bit into the colour psychology and discover how this can actually affect your mood.

Warm and cool colours

  • Shades of red, red-orange, yellows and yellow-greens are warm colours which make any room feel cozy and radiant. So any small room will appear smaller and a larger room will become cozy and intimate.

  • Blues, blue-greens and purples, are cool colours which make a room feel larger. These colours work really well in rooms with a lot of natural light.

  • Black, gray and white – the neutral colours. When it comes to decorating, these colours can have either a cool undertone or a warm undertone, depending on various factors.

Primary colours

Use them wisely! To create a peaceful and mature ambiance with this type of colours, it’s best to mix them with warm tones like textures and natural fibres.


Yellow usually makes us feel happy, energetic and cheerful, however, when it comes to brighter shades, this changes and overuse could cause anxiety and fatigue. If you’re looking for a long-run colour for your bedroom, keep in mind that soft yellows are easier on the eyes. Yellow makes a great choice for your ceiling colour and it’s the perfect tone for poorly lit rooms.


A popular choice for bedrooms, blue is a relaxing, soothing and calming colour. It can also stimulate our focus and productivity and it is overall a clean colour. However, it does come in many shades and dark blues could make us feel sad. If your bedroom has little natural light, blues with muted or warm tones make the perfect decorating colour.


Red is the symbol of energy and passion. It is a bold colour and it usually makes a strong statement, if you prefer red for your bedroom, check for rich or muted reds which will give a soft and elegant look. This colour also works well in the dining room as it’s believed to stimulate conversation and appetite.

We hope that these tips and guidelines are a good start in your search for finding the best colour for your bedroom. Remember that the colour choice is a very personal matter and the way it really affects your mood is something that you can only analyse. However, if you need further suggestions and tricks, please feel free to contact our professional interior designers here at Lava Interiors, today! We’re happy to help you decide on the best decorating colour for your bedroom and any room in your house!



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